Workcover through WorkSafe

The WorkSafe Agent can only pay for remedial massage services provided by healthcare professionals who are:

  • Registered by WorkSafe to provide remedial massage services

A medical practitioner(GP) must provide a request for remedial massage services prior to commencement of treatment:

  • WorkSafe considers remedial massages to be a referred service. A request from a medical practitioner must therefore be provided.
  • Referred services include all approved health services with the exception of medical, chiropractic, physiotherapy, osteopathic, optometry, dental and podiatry services.

What the Agent can pay for

The Agent can pay the reasonable costs of remedial massage services that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Treatment is for a work-related injury or illness
  • The provider is currently registered as a remedial massage therapist with WorkSafe
  • A medical practitioner has provided a request for treatment
  • The service is in line with the principles of the Clinical Framework

Remedial massage service fees effective from 1 July 2022

WorkSafe Victoria will pay up to a maximum amount for the following categories of service. Any difference in charges must be paid by the worker as out of pocket expenses.

Service Description

Maximum Payment Rate
Initial Consultation $62.69
Standard Consultation $42.20

Remedial Massage therapist fee

Service Description

Initial Consultation $132.69
Standard Consultation $112.20